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Two Sides Of Modern Architecture Homes – Decorators & Architects

Mid-century modern homes or contemporary house, the taste of the owner may vary, but the goal will always be the same. The aim is to create a house that fits their preference. No man or woman wants to live in an abode that is cookie cutter. This is where an interior decorator and architect steps in. In this article, we expound on how architecture and design complement each other to create a holistic vision that fits the client.

Understanding the need of an architect
Architecture builds the basic structure of any building. It is the exterior of a home and functional part of the interior. An architect is vital to ensure that the building meets the regulations of science and is entirely liveable. It is the architect who guarantees that the structure in an extension of the vision of the clients.
An architect may express the wants of a person through the exterior of a building, but they can’t do so within it. It is why to compliment the roles of an interior architect a designer is also needed. This is where the interior decoration fit in.

What is interior decoration?
The architect has created the outside of a home to match the wants of a client but what happens to the interior? Who takes care of the fact that it should reflect the mind and mood of the owner too? It is interior decorators who make sure that every paint and furniture used inside a home is an expression of:
• Who lives in the house?
• What is the personality of the owner?
The designer blends the outside vision of the home with the inside while keeping in mind the desires of each person who will inhabit it. The role of a designer is multi-faceted. It is creative and technical solutions applied to achieve a conducive environment. The process requires:
• Research
• Analysis
• integration of knowledge

Is one more vital than the other?
Thinking the architecture alone will be enough to reach the full potential of the home is foolhardy. There has to be a balance between design and structural aspects. Think of it as a catch-22. Interior and architecture are two sides of a coin without one the other are only half complete. Anyone considering constructing a home or building needs to invest in both. There is no use of creating a space that looks perfect from the outside but is cluttered within. The vice versa case also applies. An environment can be pleasant only if there is a seamless transition from outside to inside.
The good news is that some classical pieces have the quality to fit in anywhere. No matter what type of architecture you create, some elements like wall mirrors fit in modern homes and in traditional abodes too. The only rule is to keep both interior design and architecture as equally essential to achieving equilibrium. When only one side is given emphasis, it results in an imbalance that consequently gives an out of place to look to the whole home.

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