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Furniture Ideas For The Small Apartment & Even Smaller Living Den

Not each one of us can afford lavish rooms that have a living room that seem to go on for ages. Not everyone can have the pleasure to live far away from the bustling city areas that allow for bigger homes. The end result is most of us call home to small apartments that are a task to decorate. Pick any furniture buying guide that cosy flats have their own positives. They keep you close to city centres, are lower in rent and can be decorated to create an irreplaceable charm.
Today we look into some living room furniture ideas for small homes that emphasise on design and not merely functionality. Who says that just because space is limited one has to set boundaries on style ideas? Make use of any of the following approaches to bring a sense of chic and panache to your living room.
. Classic Colour Combination
Pick a colour combo that is evergreen. Something like shades of blue with accents of white is perfect to build a sophisticated look in a living room. You can use quirky wallpapers with unique motifs to bring a twist to an otherwise timeless design.
• Creating More Space
The holy grail of small homes is to create the illusion of space. This tip to decoration brings you closer to the goal. Add in colours that bounce light and brighten even the dingiest corner of the living area. One can do so by:

  •  Painting the walls, a soft grey tone with white highlights.
  •  Using wooden furniture that is pale in the shade to make the space airy.
  •  Add in plants to bring a breath of fresh air.

• Mix and Match
Instead of focusing on creating an utterly contemporary décor, think of amalgamating styles. Let modern meet traditional by adding in a few period features. Something like wall art next to a Victorian sofa makes a great blend of designs. Keep the décor understated, though. For example, a Roman blind is an excellent addition to a neutral living room.
• Focus on Floor
Who says décor has to be limited to furniture and walls? Think of the floor as an additional place to decorate. Use textured flooring to upgrade the elegance of the living section. Or one can add in rugs. Carpets are ideal décor elements. They can be traditional, modern, shaggy or minimalistic.
• Statement Pieces
The best idea for decorating a living room is to position a piece of eye-catching furniture in the most visible corner. Accessories that are big and bold make an impact.
There are endless ways to decorate homes. Furniture can be mixed; full-length mirrors can be hanged, and even cosy zones are created. The goal is to find the right balance between functionality and style. Only then will you be able to design a space that you are always comfortable to sit in and relax. Give two things as objectives – practicality and highlighting personal aesthetics – and you will be good to go.

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