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Understanding The Difference Between Interior Design And Architecture

For a long time now, a debate has been going on to differentiate terms like:

  • Architecture
  •  interior architecture
  •  interior design
  •  interior decoration

In a contemporary house, the difference brought about each of these professions can be seen. But even then, there is a certain mingling of roles that happens. The responsibilities of each can overlap when Modern architecture homes are being built. In this feature, we dive into understanding what is interior architecture and what is interior design. The attempt is made to explain how the role of each varies while a home is being built.

What is interior architecture?
To put in simple terms, interior architecture is the subject a person studies to design a home. It is not the name of a profession but a course. Just like to be a doctor one has to complete a degree; an architect is a person who has finished an academic course. Only those people can be called architect who have achieved proper accreditation and qualifications. An interior architecture course teaches a person:

  •  how to use design technology like CAD
  •  what are structural, technical elements of buildings

Development in technology and the need to know more about their chosen path has increased the scope of designers and hence given birth to interior architects.
What does an interior architect do?
An interior architect considers almost everything while designing an inside space. It included:

  •  What material to use?
  •  What type of finish will be best?
  •  What are the electrical requirements of the area?
  •  How will space affect human habitation?
  •  It the ventilation proper?
  •  Does it need lighting and what kind?
  •  What are the needs of plumbing?

In gist, interior architects participate in every phase of home construction beginning at the start of planning and ending with final touches.

Who is an interior decorator?
An interior designer is a person who only focuses on the aesthetics of a place. They are not worried about anything else. Their eye is on the art of design and not the science behind. Therefore, instead of worrying over the structural integrity of the place, they are concerned over:

  •  colour schemes
  •  furniture
  •  artwork

In short, a designer will be more artistic in nature. They will have an excellent eye for décor, trends and details. They will not be experts at CAD or structural designs.

When is an interior designer needed?
When a homeowner is considered just changing the paint and furniture of a home, then a designer is called in. For any project that doesn’t require information on building regulations, a decorator is apt. Unlike architects, decorators are not needed at every level of construction. A designer is called in only when the complete house is built, and only the interiors have to be planned. Some of the areas they work on are:

  •  What paint or wallpaper to use in which room?
  •  How to make the drawing appealing?
  •  What sort of furniture will be needed in which area?
  •  Choosing tables, chairs, lamps and other accessories required for a house.

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