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Some Interior Design Rules that You Can Avoid

It is better to estimate the budget before planning, measure before purchasing and choose the colors before buying the furniture and other decorating items. Any professional interior designer will apply the above rules when working on a project. However, a skilled designer will know that breaking certain rules can help in creating a space that is modifying, fascinating and chic. Continue reading to know the designing rules that every decorator should break to craft a modern and pleasing interior space. The following rule breaking tips will help your house to stand out the many and make your visitors envious.

Get away with the thought of buying similar chairs for your dining space
It is true that a set of matching chairs can offer a complete look to your dining area. But what about a group of contrasting chairs? Have you ever been in a situation when you liked a chair but did not buy it because it had no match? Placing matching seats are not mandatory any more. A combination of black and white or copper and off-white chairs can enhance the beauty to another level. You can also choose chairs of various sizes, materials or colors which will surely bring life to your home’s dining space. Decorations do not mean you have to select everything that match with one another. In the modern era, a good interior means contrasting colors and complementing pieces of furniture.

Avoid using dark colors in small areas
You will not require exceptional skills and knowledge to analyze the fact that lighter shades makes the space appear spacious and makes it look illuminated. The long-held designing rule is the reason why most people prefer light gray or off-white colored rooms all across the world. On the contrary, dark painted rooms appear congested and cannot make a room feel airy as brighter colors do. You can contrast darker colors with reflective chic decorations which will enhance the depth, making it difficult to determine where the walls end and begin. Make sure to balance a dark painted room with mirrors and metallic décor.

Mixing crazy patterns is a bad idea until you find the appropriate combination
It is better to avoid this rule as many designers find it difficult to match crazy patterns together. Matching two extreme patterns is not a skill that you can learn overnight. That is why professionals recommend avoiding this kind of styles until you find patterns that work great together and suit the atmosphere of the space. However, contrasting different funky pattern allows you to experiment with various styles. You can also implement these matching designs in the form or pillows or other tiny accessories.

Add wood furnishings to your decor
Matching the wooden pieces of furniture will ensure that the contrasting décor is complementing one another. It makes the interior areas look uniformly designed. Adding wood furnishings will enhance the depth of the rooms and will match greatly with light shaded walls. Whereas the appearance you can get along with matching is limited when compared to combining bold patterns. However, the outcome will be worth moving into an unexplored interior designing territory.

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