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How To Use Lighting To Your Benefit While Decorating

Light design for home interiors is the hinge on which the entire look see-saws. Good ambient lighting can completely alter the perception of a space. It can not only change the mood of the room but also how small or big it appears to the eye. So how does one ensure that every light used acts to the benefit of the homeowner? In this short piece, we take a gander on three elements of lighting and the way they can be utilised to our advantage.
• The Direction of Lights
The first rule of home lighting design is to find the correct direction. There are two strategies that can be considered:

  • Either illuminate the complete room
  • Or highlight only sections of it

The second process is being employed more and more to give spaces a unique look. It can be achieved by:

  • Track lighting that is hung from the ceiling and has necks that can be adjusted according to need. Such positional lamps are perfect for focusing light to a particular element like a vase, kitchen top, entry hall table or a painting.
  •  Positional lights that are mounted on walls or mirror frames that come with lights built-in them. There are even picture frames that have bulbs to highlight walls.
  •  Recessed lights that are fitted in floors and ceilings. These are apt to create vertical sections of light. They are in demand because they do not make the whole room aglow only parts of it.

• Mixing Colour With Light
It is a known fact that dark shade walls turn a room into cosy and small interiors while light coloured paint can make it appear spacious. Using the right light can either add to this effect or completely ruin it. For example, if a room is already small, it can become claustrophobic if painted in dark tones. But an illusion of space can be built by strategically placing lights the reflect off lighter coloured surfaces. Therefore, mix the lighting ideas with colour patterns.
Again, make use of directional lights to illuminate sections that soften the overall look. One can use recessed lights to brighten the floors and bring a soft glow to a harsh coloured wall. How you use the lights in contingent on what part of the room needs to be darker and which lighter.
• Make Lights Practical
One can use endless ways to design a home with lights, but at the end of the day, it is about functionality. We put in lights to illuminate things. Therefore, every light used has to serve some purpose. Else, they are merely a waste of power and bill. It is one of the reasons people prefer to install chandeliers in big halls, drawing rooms and foyers. They not only bring the whole space together but also brighten it up considerably. Thus, when planning light fixtures ensure they are task specific. Placement is vital to delivering a seamless combination of functionality and style. Think carefully before installing even a single bulb, anywhere.

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